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How to ensure that the fire inspection cabinet starts at any time

Time2019/11/15AuthoradminClick 2349
There must be no rust; when a fire breaks out, it cannot start because the equipment has rusted into a pile of scrap iron. Modern fire practice and domestic and foreign experience indicate that using local firefighting facilities to remedy the fire is the most useful and economical method. The fire patrol cabinet is required to be on standby.

However, because the probability of using the fire viewing cabinet is very low, it is often not many years. Therefore, in a humid environment, the fire patrol cabinet and other fire-fighting facilities are very simple. It is really easy to find that the equipment has been used, and thus lost. The moment of rescue is at the beginning. To prevent the fire patrol station from failing in firefighting, reduce the onset of fire and reduce the serious loss of fire formation.

In the meantime, it is necessary to have a set of equipment for the fire system inspection, promptly remind the maintenance, to ensure that the equipment is in an outstanding condition, and complete the "find one thousand days, the campaign is the intention"! Therefore, the national public safety industry standard "fire-fighting active constant pressure water supply equipment Functional requirements and experimental methods" (ga30.2) Rule 5: The fire protection system has been in the operation of the equipment and should be viewed.

Therefore, fire patrol cabinets must have low-frequency and low-speed active detection functions. With the inevitable trend of the industry, mandatory national industry standards, building a strong security, fire safety management is more intelligent, fire-fighting The cabinet is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the fire water supply network greatly extends the service life of the pump. The fire control system is safer and the long-term investment cost is greatly reduced.