About Us

About Us

Shanghai Diwen Electric Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after-sales service for intelligent fire patrol water supply equipment, life frequency conversion without negative pressure water supply and drainage equipment, water treatment, energy saving distribution, intelligent power distribution system engineering. As a professional company.

Since its inception, the company has adhered to the principle of market-oriented, technology-based, talent-oriented, and management-oriented benefits, and has continuously introduced new products. All products have not only passed the national mandatory CCC standard certification, but also some products and services. (The production and service of low-voltage switchgear, fire-fighting automatic constant-pressure water supply equipment and fire-fighting inspection equipment) has been the first to obtain ISO9000 certification. The fire-fighting automatic constant-pressure water supply equipment and fire inspection equipment have passed the national fixed fire-fighting system and refractory components. The compulsory verification of the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is in full compliance with the public security industry standard GA30.2 of the People's Republic of China. Through the intelligent digital fire pump and fan inspection system independently researched and developed by the company, it fully meets GB16806 and GB27898 national compulsory certification and conforms to international FM certification on the basis of GA30.2. Such products have been successfully applied to the Beijing Olympic Tennis Center and Peking University. Beijing Women's Activity Center, Comprehensive Building of the Ministry of Public Security, Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and other international and domestic dozens of large-scale projects and hundreds of large-scale real estate projects have won a good reputation among customers.

Serving customers with perfect quality and focusing on meeting challenges has always been the root of the continuous development of Shanghai Diwen Electric Co., Ltd. The company has traveled all over the country and has won the trust and respect of the users.

Innovation and change

For a company, innovation can include many aspects: technological innovation, institutional innovation, and ideological innovation. In simple terms, technological innovation can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs; institutional innovation can make the daily operation of enterprises more orderly and convenient. Management can also get rid of the drawbacks of some old systems; ideological innovation is a relatively important aspect. Leaders' ideological innovation can ensure that enterprises develop in the right direction. Employees' ideological innovation can enhance the cohesiveness of employees and give full play to their creativity. To bring greater benefits to the company.

Diwen Company has the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, has a good innovation management and culture, and the overall technical level is also in an advanced position in the industry. Enterprises with advantages and sustainable development in market competition have always insisted on innovation and ideas. Innovation is in the first place and efforts are made to lead the development of the company. Scientific and technological innovation is the internal driving force for its continuous development. Emperor Wen constantly learns new technologies, introduces new technologies and improves its existing production technologies while producing.

Team spirit

Team spirit emphasizes not only cooperation and concerted efforts in the general sense. It requires the advantage of the team. The core of it is that everyone strengthens communication in their work, utilizes differences in personality and ability, and complements each other in solidarity and cooperation. The effect brings "1+1>2" performance. Therefore, the guarantee of accomplishing the goal task together is the complementarity of the team members. It is to give full play to each person's specialty and focus on the process to make it synergistic, and to improve the collaborative software.

Relying on each other, helping each other, understanding each other, respecting each other, uniting and cooperating, and common development are the team spirit that the Emperor has always been proud of. We advocate a fine division of labor while emphasizing close collaboration and mutual cooperation. We advocate the full use of individual talents. At the same time, it emphasizes the unity, cooperation and mutual support of all members. Only by unity and solidarity can we achieve our career and create glory.

our service

Respecting customers, understanding customers, continuing to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and being the partner of our customers forever, this is the service concept we have been insisting on and advocating. Every step, the first thing that comes to mind is the customer. After the company changed from the seller's market to the buyer's market, the consumer's consumption concept changed. In the face of numerous goods (or services), consumers are more willing to accept good quality goods. The quality here refers not only to the inherent quality of the product, but also to a series of factors such as the packaging quality and service quality of the product. Therefore, the needs of consumers must be fully and fully met. Stand on the customer's side, not on the company's side to research, design and improve services.

Perfect service system:

Strengthen pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service, and promptly help solve various problems that occur in customers' use of goods, making customers feel extremely convenient. We attach great importance to customer opinions, let customers participate in decision-making, and treat customer opinions as an important part of customer satisfaction. Establish a customer-centric mechanism. Among them, the establishment of various institutions, the transformation of service processes, etc., must focus on customer needs and establish a rapid response mechanism for customer opinions.