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Precautions when installing fire patrol cabinet

Time2019/11/5AuthoradminClick 2504
For fire patrol cabinets, it is very important to carry out the reasonable operation of the device. What are the requirements for the fire patrol cabinet installation?
     It is necessary for the fire inspection cabinet to be installed in a room with excellent drying, cleanliness and heat dissipation. The equipment of the fire patrol cabinet must be carried out by professional electricians. It is necessary for the fire inspection cabinet to be installed, wired and laid in strict accordance with the requirements of the electrical drawings and related wiring diagrams. The wiring connected to the fire pump distribution cabinet by the fire patrol cabinet should be color-coded, and it is necessary to ensure the phase sequence of the fire pump distribution cabinet.
     The interlocking and starting signal lines between the fire patrol cabinet and the fire pump power distribution cabinet must ensure that the wiring is correct when connecting. It is necessary to ground the outer casing of all electric control cabinets and pump motors. Check the wiring between the fire inspection cabinet and the fire distribution cabinet to ensure that the wiring is correct and tight, and check the grounding insulation of the pump motor.
Therefore, when the fire patrol cabinet is installed, these requirements need to be taken care of, and then ensure its outstanding function.