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What is a high-pressure fire patrol cabinet? What is the difference between a fire inspection cabinet and a fire inspection cabinet?

Time2019/6/29AuthoradminClick 2687
High-pressure water pump inspection and control equipment, referred to as high-pressure fire inspection cabinet, is generally used in the inspection process of pumps driven by high-voltage motors. The fire pump patrol cabinet that we introduce daily, referred to as the fire patrol cabinet, applies the 380V/220V or 220V/127V three-phase AC drive pump inspection process.

With the rapid development of China's industrial level, some large-scale enterprise fire pumping stations mostly use 6~10KV high-voltage motors as the driving power of the pump. Therefore, for high-power, high-voltage motors, equipped with a dedicated high-voltage starting device - high-voltage inspection cabinet, has become a demand.

In order to meet the above requirements, Purong Electric has proposed solutions in the research and development of high-pressure motor water pump control and automatic inspection systems, and has the corresponding production capacity. The high-pressure fire patrol cabinet ensures that the fire pump that has been in non-operating state for a long time in the humid fire pump room in the environment is routinely inspected and maintained to ensure the reliable operation of the fire pump