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What is the working principle of the fire patrol cabinet?

Time2019/4/28AuthoradminClick 1614
In life, fire is very important to us. The application of the fire patrol cabinet is very important, so we need to know how it works when using it. What is the working principle of it?
       Fire water supply equipment is an essential part of a fixed fire water supply system. Although the cost of this part is not high in the entire building fire protection system (usually less than one percent), countless experiences and lessons have proved: The success of the initial fire rescue depends mainly on the integrity of this part of the equipment. The characteristics of fire water supply equipment are: usually not used, even for a long time, once used, must play a role. At present, due to the long-term use of fire-fighting equipment, the rust and rust of water pumps are very common (some areas reach 70% or even 80%).
       In the non-fire-fighting state, the fire-fighting patrol control unit consisting of fire patrol cabinets can perform automatic patrol operations on the fire pump. The automatic inspection cycle is optional from several hours to hundreds of hours. The cycle clock automatically starts the inspection program and has manual inspection function. During the inspection, the fire inspection will check the main circuit of the fire control cabinet and confirm that it is normal. The fire pump is driven at a low speed and driven at a low speed. At this time, the driving power is very small, which is about the pump motor rated power. One of them is around, so energy saving is remarkable. Due to the low speed, the water supply network will not be pressurized. If the fire operation command is received during the inspection, the control device will immediately interrupt the inspection operation, and the control device will drive the fire pump to the fire command operation at the power frequency. A new inspection operation process is started only when the next inspection cycle is reached and no fire incident occurs. During the inspection, if the pump fails, a fault report will be given. When an input overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, output overcurrent, or short circuit occurs, a message is sent to the fire center. The result of this automatic inspection can ensure that the fire pump will not produce rust and rust, and the fire water supply equipment will be realized for a thousand days. It also has automatic exchange of the main and standby pumps. When the main pump fails, the standby pump is automatically put into operation. The main and standby power supplies automatically vote each other. When the main power supply fails, the standby power supply will automatically put in other functions. The fire automatic inspection and control equipment consisting of fire inspection will provide data remote transmission, image monitoring, fault report, information printing, etc. Features.
         The above is the working principle of the fire patrol cabinet. We have a lot of applications in daily life, so we must know how it works, so that we can better apply it to our work.