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Why use fire automatic inspection cabinet

Time2019/3/18AuthoradminClick 1550
At present, the fire pump control cabinet we use will be equipped with a fire automatic inspection cabinet at the same time. Why should the current fire protection equipment be equipped with a fire automatic inspection cabinet? This is to explain the problem from the meaning of the automatic fire inspection cabinet.

The significance of the fire automatic inspection cabinet: fire water supply equipment is a basic part of the fixed fire water supply system, although the proportion of the cost of this part in the entire building fire protection system is not high (usually less than 1%), but countless Both experience and lessons have proved that the success of the initial fire rescue depends mainly on the integrity of this part of the equipment. The characteristics of fire water supply equipment are: usually not used, even for a long time, once used, must play a role. At present, due to the long-term use of fire-fighting equipment, the rust and rust of water pumps are very common (some areas reach 70% or even 80%). The simple manual method to achieve the detection of fire pumps has been proved by many facts. The reliable operation of the fire pump. However, if an automatic inspection cabinet is added to the equipment, it can effectively prevent such accidents.
In response to this phenomenon, the Ministry of Public Security has formulated GA30.2-2002 "Performance Requirements and Experimental Methods for National Fixed Fire Water Supply Equipment" (hereinafter referred to as GA30.2), which clearly requires fire protection equipment to have automatic inspection functions.

The relevant provisions are:

(1) The equipment should have automatic and manual inspection functions, and its automatic inspection period should be set as needed.

(2) The fire pump control fire control mode starts up one by one, and the running time of each pump is not less than 2 minutes.

(3) The equipment should be able to ensure that the fire signal will automatically exit the inspection during the inspection and enter the fire operation state.